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I haven't posted on this blog in four months, yes life has been a little hectic, but also, I have struggled to create content for my readers. I try to find things that y'all would relate to, but I always get frustrated when things don't pop up! That is no way to be a writer.... Continue Reading →


Lunging Safely

Working with my new OTTB has been a learning curve. He was taught to lunge a very specific way, a way that was hard for me to perform, which confused him, and made our first exercise very bad. I ask the horses I work with to lunge a very specific way. Handsomely Ever After did... Continue Reading →

My First EVER Horse Show

This post is more personal than my usual topics, but I thought it would be really fun for my readers! I hope y'all enjoy. I first started riding in 2009 at a stable called Hillview. I was super excited because I had been wanting to ride horses for literally as long as I could remember.... Continue Reading →

Saddle Pad Giveaway

I hosted a giveaway on Instagram (if you aren't following, you should) for this saddle pad: Isn't it pretty? And it's going to have TPP logo on it in the end. I'm so excited and I really want one of my own! Plus, I purchased from SmartPak and they are always so easy to work... Continue Reading →

The Real Life of Owning A Horse

My horses see my worst side. Okay, seriously, they've probably seen the anger and the hurt the most. Oh, and the sweatpants in boots, yeah they see that too. It's hardly ever rainbows and unicorns, especially in training. I get frustrated occasionally (my number one rule is patience, but sometimes I just can't stay calm.)... Continue Reading →

Discipline Post: Cutting

Cutting is a western equestrian competition. In cutting, a horse and a cow go head to head in a type of battle. The horse and rider move into a herd of cattle and calmly pick a cow to "cut." Then they must drive the cow from the herd into the center of the arena and... Continue Reading →

Efficient Management

If you have multiple horses, you know the struggle of keeping up with everyone's papers and all their medical/health info that you actually need often. You've tried a notebook, but then you took it home from the barn and it never found its way back to the barn. You tried binders¬†that kept¬†absolutely every piece of... Continue Reading →

Discipline Post: Hunters

Hunter Jumping, Hunter Hack, Hunter Under Saddle. What is all this hunting? Do I need to wear camouflage? Nope! Hunter is an english style of riding with many different varieties. Each one is briefly described below. But first, hunters are similar to jumpers. They differ in the way of which they are judged. Hunter judges... Continue Reading →

Why I Go To SmartPak for Everything

"SmartPak is only for english riders." "SmartPak is too expensive!" "SmartPak is high-end, I can get the cheap stuff to work." These are the three most common negative things I have heard about SmartPak. And let me tell you, no offense to anyone, but they could not be more wrong! I'm going to explain this... Continue Reading →

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