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So! I’m finally catching up on life ;P and know more of what I would like to do and write and succeed. Guess what that is… WHATEVER I WANT! Yes! If I want to write about my horses today and my spa day tomorrow, then that’s how I’ll roll. If I type everyday for a week and then once the next month that’s okay too! I have been making all kinds of vlogs though so I do encourage you to go over to YouTube and check me out! Pretty please hit subscribe and share it with your friends.

Anyways, back to the blog part of things, I do enjoy writing, but these are obviously much harder for me to publish, for whatever reason. Vlogs allow me to genuinely speak and share things I like but still feel like I’m getting interaction. I feel like writing words is great for y’all, but not so great for me, yet.

Next, I mentioned up there something about the word SUCCESS. Hm, what do I mean? I mean I want to be financially free! I want to write and video and photograph and do whatever else I can to make some moolah. I love my horses, but they’re expensive. Heck, I’m expensive! Plenty of people out there are making plenty of money being influencers/bloggers/vloggers. I’m on a mission to see what makes them successful and just how they do it! Here goes nothing. I’m sure I’ll fail, I already have quite a few times, but that will NEVER stop me from trying. I want big things and I intend to get those things.

Much love dear ones!

Clo ❤


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