What’s Up

Golly. When was the last time I wrote? I couldn’t tell ya!

But recently, I have decided to take this blog in a different direction. In a more lifestyle direction. My boyfriend and I are wanting to make it more farm-y, more us. Rather than me always trying to talk about just horses. But trust me, there will still be plenty of “horse” posts, they are what I live for.

SO! What’s going on now? Well, I’m sort of dabbling in photography, and sports, and hanging out with my furry friends, and kinda getting college figured out. Planning for the future. A LOT IS GOING ON.

Let’s talk barndominiums for a second. Have you seen them? They’re great. Just Google one. It’s what babe and I want for our first home. I love thinking about living with him ❤   Next, ever heard of Hagyard? Yeah, thought so. DREAM JOB. I want to be a horsey nurse. My mom thinks it’s awesome, my dad wonders why on earth I would do that, my boyfriend is happy I finally found something that will make me truly happy.

This is actually a total brain dump, and I’m assured that this will be a low-view post, which is great because then I’m less self-conscious about what I write.

I’m considering making the blog un-anonymous. Maybe you guys should know ME? Personally, I like to know who I’m following. I don’t know. It’s a thought. I just also hate people in my business. So maybe I’ll be anon for a while longer, or maybe I’ll just stay anon. But maybe I won’t. That’s a serious topic. Really. Do I want y’all to know my name AND where I work AND my work hours? No. No I do not. Sorry.

But anyways, I’ll be majoring in Equine Science and I am so dang excited! I will graduate in three years (which is awesome because it saves tons of money, plus what’s really the point in staying around so long?) I feel like many people would disagree with graduating early, but I know what I want to do and I’m actually ready to get there. I think college will be great at first, and then after the first couple of years, I’ll be more excited for the next chapter of my life, rather than hanging around to be a senior for, um, nothing really.

Now that I’ve got my first post back together, I think I’ll head over to drafts and start making more content for the upcoming days.


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