How I Ride

Hi everyone!

This post is really for you all to get to know my disciplines and a timeline of everything I’ve ridden through!

First, I began riding SaddleSeat Equitation at a local stable. I loved Saddlebreds, and I loved that stable! But as I grew, and became more involved in horses, I wanted to explore other things, maybe more exciting things (think barrels or jumps.)

I told my first trainer that I was wanting to try out other things, and she was so supportive, she love horses too. Not just SaddleSeat. I traveled to a different barn, that specialized in MANY different things. This is where I really explored what I wanted to do. I began by showing them my experience on the flat. Then I asked to try jumping, which they let me! I jumped a few (like maybe two) small verticals first. Then my trainer took me out to the cross country course where I jumped a few natural logs and tire jumps. I definitely was fascinated with flying through the air.

I guess a part of me knew that was where I was happy. But I continued my exploration and tried western contest events. I was riding a huge english horse, who was cross-trained, but I don’t think we ever would have made it very far in the barrel/pole/roping world. I tried pole bending first, and that was interesting. That is the one single adjective I have, for all of you pole benders out there, you rock. Anyways, in the end I obviously went back to jumping.

The best part about that barn was that I really strengthened my horsemanship skills. I could groom, tack, and work out horses without supervision by the end.

Speaking of end, I decided to leave that barn when a personal trainer/small group trainer moved ten miles away from me! She was a hunter jumper herself, and was trying to build her team. I was invited to ride for her for a couple months and see how it went. Well, it went great! I got to show a lot on Ember, who was a baby green at the time. I’ve never actually moved past jumping! It’s so exciting and invigorating.

After a while, I ventured out on my own, I had gained lots of knowledge through the years, and wanted to take a break from showing and just, you know, ride again. For pure enjoyment, rather than practicing 24/7.

So on my break, I began to trail ride with Ember, A TON. Living on a huge cattle farm, most of my trails require us to travel past the cattle. One time, for kicks and giggles, I took Ember over next to the cows and tried a little of what I consider beginner cutting. I legitimately think this was Ember’s dream job! She was so supple and soft when we were just messing around. There was no pressure from me, other than to just keep that one cow away from the herd. Thus, my discovering that Ember was supposed to rodeo.

I hope this post has enlightened y’all to my experience, and while I do write posts for some disciplines I’ve never even dabbled in, I still have lots of knowledge of the ones I have tried and I love sharing all of it with you!

WHAT DISCIPLINE DO YOU PRACTICE? Let me know in the comments!


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