Personality Post: Handsomely Ever After

As if this Florida-bred OTTB doesn’t have enough posts about him on the internet!

Meet Handsomely, a DARK bay thoroughbred, born in 2005. If you follow me on Instagram, you’d see that he acts like a 3 year old!!! He’s super cute, and has a personality like I’ve never seen before.IMG_E6456

From his perspective:

Favorite treat: Do I have to pick one? I love all of them. Carrot flavored snacks, nicker makers, those treats from Snaks 5th Avenchew! 

Favorite colors: Purple and black. I keep it simple.

Favorite exercise: Once I get warmed up to the scary new arena, I’ll love to jump! I went over a 2 foot cross-rail, but it was super scary so I way over-jumped. 

Favorite song: Toughy, we like listening to Today’s Country radio. So. That. I guess. Depends on my mood really, I love classical! 

Least favorite place to be groomed: MY EARS. That human likes to put some stuff on them, I know she says it’s to make it the hair grow back, but for real. I can’t stand it. But I tolerate it because she feeds me…

Favorite feature: my face. They say it’s cute. 

Thanks Handsomely (; 

Back to me, he really is a sweet boy. We have a lot of work to do, his body condition isn’t the best, but thanks to MTG and SmartPak’s weight gain supplement, we’re progressing! We’re supposed to have our first show at the beginning of June, but again, lots of work to do. I love that now I have an actual hunter jumper, I can really use Embers of Pompeii for what she’s bred to do: rodeo! So excited for this show season.




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