Efficient Management

If you have multiple horses, you know the struggle of keeping up with everyone’s papers and all their medical/health info that you actually need often. You’ve tried a notebook, but then you took it home from the barn and it never found its way back to the barn. You tried binders that kept absolutely every piece of information about each of your horses in it, but then you need the Coggins and health certificate to take with you for a show. Now those papers are shoved somewhere in that black hole of a tack trunk. Or maybe you don’t have multiple horses and just need an organized way of keeping up with health certificates, shots, farrier and vet visits. No matter what boat you’re on, you just need an easy way to manage your pampered ponies.

WARNING: You’ll probably want to have two copies of these. I suggest you keep one at your barn and leave it there. I keep one in my tack room and then I have another copy that I take wherever I need it to go (home, shows, to another barn) If you make two copies, I recommend NOT TOUCHING THE BARN COPY. Unless of course you need to look at it, or add a date. Rephrase- DO NOT TAKE THE BARN COPY OUT OF THE BARN. Much better.

Anyways, so what basic things do we always need to know? Farrier visits, veterinarian visits, dates of shots, when their teeth were last floated, basic info cards (name, age, height, weight), and when they were dewormed. So really a health record. I know, I know, your method of keeping up with info works fine. But look at it my way, wouldn’t it be so much easier if everything wasn’t scattered everywhere? Yep. Thought so.

Since my readers are so extra special, I am letting you all have access to my record-keeping documents, for FREE! All ya gotta do is click the link to download the file (they’re safe!) and get to personalizing.

Farrier Record

Vaccination Record

Veterinarian Record

Wormer Chart


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