Discipline Post: Hunters

Hunter Jumping, Hunter Hack, Hunter Under Saddle.

What is all this hunting? Do I need to wear camouflage?

Nope! Hunter is an english style of riding with many different varieties. Each one is briefly described below. But first, hunters are similar to jumpers. They differ in the way of which they are judged. Hunter judges look at movement style, confirmation, and quality of the round. This originated from field hunting, when the horses were tested for certain qualities.

Hunt Seat Equitation- 

In this class, the RIDER is judged, not the horse. Contestants work a pre-designed pattern while maintaining control and correct posture.

Hunter Under Saddle-

Judges evaluate the horse on the flat, at the walk, trot, and canter. The horse should appear willing and have a smooth gait.

Hunter Hack-

Horse and rider jump two fences, they are then to exhibit all three gaits on the rail, in both directions. Style and manner are looked for.

Working Hunter-

Horse and rider are required to take on a minimum of eight obstacles such as stone walls, fences, and hedges. These jumps resemble typical jumps that would be encountered on a hunt. Jumping style, pace, and balance are the main points judged.

Hunter Over Fences-

Hunter over fence classes are common in many hunter-jumper shows, but news flash, they are typically judged the same as working hunter classes! Don’t let the name change scare you.


I almost left this out! Traditional English attire is expected when showing. Tan breeches, tall black field boots, a conservative colored show coat (hunter green, plum purple, and navy blue are all acceptable), and a white collared shirt. Hair is expected to be tucked into the helmet.


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