Why I Go To SmartPak for Everything

“SmartPak is only for english riders.”

“SmartPak is too expensive!”

“SmartPak is high-end, I can get the cheap stuff to work.”

These are the three most common negative things I have heard about SmartPak. And let me tell you, no offense to anyone, but they could not be more wrong! I’m going to explain this though, so don’t get your socks bunched yet.

SmartPak is NOT only for english riders. I mean, come on, have you seen their new line of western gear?! Oh. My. Goodness. I am predominantly an english rider, but I have western horses (farm life=cows=cutting ) and I love all of my western gear from SmartPak!!! The quality of all of their items is unbeatable. Basically y’all, SmartPak western gear is so popular, that it stays in low stock.

Next, SmartPak is not cheap. They sell good quality products, that are worth a lot. BUT, SmartPak sells as low as they possibly can. They aren’t “too expensive,” they are “just right.” Plus, have you seen the deals?? I’m almost 100% positive they just had a deal on Piper breeches, buy two get one free? I think I’ll buy four. So not only is it not too expensive, but they are giving items away. Which is awesome. Seriously.

Lastly, SmartPak is all-ended. There are things that aren’t as nice or expensive as others. It depends on what you want! There is high-end, low-end, in-between-end, you name it. I’ve bought schooling bridles from SmartPak, but I’ve also bought a very nice show bridle too. They have what you need. If you want a girth for a growing horse, they have girths that aren’t going to break the bank and serve the purpose perfectly. Oh, and they’ll still be in great condition so you can use it again.

I’m in no way trying to PRESSURE you into shopping at SmartPak. I am personally a huge fan of SmartPak though, and recommend them to any equestrian. If any of y’all have any comments on SmartPak, leave them below. I would love to hear your opinions.



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