First-Time Horse Buyer DO NOTS

I really hope this post helps one of my readers or someone they know! With experience in buying a horse for the first time and that ending up not-so-great, I know a decent amount of things you should not do.

  1. DON’T pick the first horse you ride. Even if you know deep down that it is THE horse and no other horse will compare, ride at least 3-5 other horses just to be sure you found everything you want. If you do end up with the first horse, wonderful. But at least you explored multiple options.
  2. Buy only must-haves. Such as a halter and a lead rope. I know there’s other stuff you have to have, but don’t go buy a stable sheet and not use it properly. I bought a very nice SmartPak stable sheet, and used it as a turnout. Moral of the story, I thought it was cute, but I did not have to have it and I definitely did not use it for its purpose.
  3. Know what discipline you’d like to do. When I was searching for a horse, I had no clue what I wanted to do. I also bought the one and only horse I rode. So, I bought a horse that didn’t have a job, and I didn’t have a discipline either. Basically I just bought a horse to sit on.
  4. DON’T purchase a horse that you will not have the experience for. Know yourself. If you are an inexperienced rider just starting out, buy a beginner-friendly horse.
  5. DON’T do it all alone. Get help. If you aren’t sure of the horse’s potential or sure if it’s a good fit, ask someone to check the horse out with you. A second set of eyes is good. For example, say there’s a nasty scar on the horse’s barrel that you hadn’t noticed, it could be a huge deal! That second person may see it before you do. cropped-dsc_41271.jpg

There are many, many first-time do nots, I picked my personal top five. If y’all have any other first-time don’ts either from experience or common sense, leave it in the comments!


*These are my opinions and my personal opinions only. I do not claim that these are all you should base your decisions off of, nor do I suggest you solely base your decisions off this post.


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