Me, Trainer.

Yup, so apparently I have my first student! Ahhhh! I’m super excited and also nervous. It’s so new but I am excited to teach and watch someone improve and move up in the horse world. Then I’m really nervous because what if the horse decides to be a total jerk? Or if I get out there and lose all train of thought?

Right now I am coming up with a lesson plan. I have many ideas and exercises that I think a beginner would benefit from. I’m trying to remember how it went when I first started riding but I feel like all I did was walk around. The student isn’t a complete beginner, so maybe I can do things like trot poles and positioning at first. Have y’all read The Riding Instructor Blog? It has lots of great ideas that I really like! I’m finding that as I continue my research on instructing, I’m also stumbling upon things that will help me grow as a rider.

As you know, I have tens of books on horses. I’m making organizational piles, writing lists, and reading everything that has anything to do with instructing and exercises. My kick-off lesson is solely going to based on finding out what the student knows. So far, thats a stead-fast in everything I’ve read. I’ll be sure to share my experience and have tips for other instructors out there after the lesson.

There’s a first time for everything! 

Do any of my readers have any tips or helpful comments? Leave a comment or send an email! Your tip could be featured in the next post. 


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