What’s In My Bag?

I have a handy dandy everywhere tote that I’ve had forever but it’s my go-to for show days! It’s not particularly a horsey bag, but it’s very practical and in the end, it’s perfect for its use. I keep a variety of things in my bag from day to day but there are about ten items that manage to stay in there day after dayIMG_7129

  1. Hand Cream- During the winter my hands get very dry and tend to crack. I started carrying a little travel lotion everywhere. Then I realized that I literally used it every day! Not just in the winter, so it is a staple in my bag.
  2. Hand Sanitizer– Because horses and barns are dirty. That is all
  3. Wallet- Fees that come out of nowhere, Girl Scouts cookies, whatever finance that may arise.
  4. Socks– I keep a pair of boots with me. Rain boots, river boots, riding boots, cowboy boots what have you I keep at least one of them with me. If some emergency comes about and I’m wearing flips, you can bet I’ve got some socks to pair with my boots.
  5. Bobby pins/hair ties– I lose bobby pins more than anyone so I just IMG_7131always have extras, and I tend to forgot to grab a hair tie before leaving the house.
  6. Sunglasses– I like being able to see when I ride in the midday Sun.
  7. Lip gloss/Chapstick– I’m addicted to Chapstick. Addicted. I wish I could tell you my favorite, but I don’t have one. I do suggest this total hydration Chapstick. It’s amazing.
  8. Pen– For when I have to put my John Hancock down or give someone my twitter or Instagram username. By the way, you can find those here.
  9. Sticky notes-Writing down notes, leaving cute hearts in the tack room, whatever I need to write down
  10. Water- gotta stay hydratedIMG_7130What do my readers keep in their bags? Let me know in the comments or send me an e-mail! HAPPY FRI-YAY Y’ALL, COME BACK SOON!

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