Spring Grooming

Well, it’s that time of year! We equestrians don’t need the warmer weather and the longer days to know spring has sprung. We know by the enormous amounts of horse hair everywhere. The curry comb gets more use than usual and shedding bricks are life savers. I have some tips and products I love to use during the spring that I’m going to share with you.


  1. A shedding blade- These are super helpful when your pony looks like a wooly mammoth. Most of them are the same, just be gentle when using it as they aren’t the softest.
  2. Show Sheen– Did I have to add this? Of course. Since it tends to be rainy and then sunny which dries mud, Show Sheen is a great product to make mud easier to curry away. A light misting of Show Sheen on your pony before turning him/her out will make your ponies hair harder for mud to cling to.

  3. Grazing muzzle– Oh that rich, sugary, spring grass. Do you leave your horse out all the time? Or can you not bring him in after a quick turnout/graze? Never fear, while it won’t stop your pony from eating the grass, it will limit the intake which is beneficial.


  1. Clippers- if you are in a hurry and can’t wait for your horse to shed naturally, grab your clippers and get shaving. Spraying ShowSheen on before clipping helps the clippers glide smoothly.
  2. If burrs are a problem for you, like they are for me, spraying ShowSheen on those will loosen them and make it so much easier to pick those boogers out! (Yes ShowSheen is a solution to just about every grooming problem.)
  3. Cleaning your brushes with some mild soap and water will help your horse look lots cleaner! Using dirty brushes just keeps adding dirt. I suggest cleaning those once or twice a month.

People Grooming

Yes, we often need to groom ourselves after a couple of hours at the barn. But we can’t carry our whole bathroom in a bag, can we? Really you can! Try to find travel sizes of your “grooming” products. Here’s a few of my favorites:

  1. Burt’s Bees Sensitive Skin Face Wipes– after a long ride or even just mucking out stalls, my face is covered in dirt and sweat. These face wipes are a great quick refresher.
  2. “The Squirt” Wet Brush– I’m a huge fan of Wet Brushes! I love how easily they brush through tangles. After a pull my hair out of my helmet, I need to brush it immediately. The baby sized Wet Brush fits perfectly in my bag and doesn’t tack space in my tack trunk. And it comes in lots of different colors!
  3. Deodorant- this is a must for me. And if you sweat profusely, do us all a favor and make it a must for you. Whether you like gel or spray on, they have travel sizes in most scents and it helps you at least feel cleaner than you are.

    What are y’alls top three spring-time grooming items or tips? E-mail me or comment below to see yours added! Thank you!



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