Personality Post: Embers of Pompeii

Embers of Pompeii (barn name: Ember) is a 15hh American Quarter Horse mare. She has a coppery chestnut coat and a white star dab smack in the middle of her forehead. Ember is the baby of the herd and expects to be treated like so. She is definitely a mare in the sense that she gets in moods sometimes and behaves “mareishly.” Ember is my go to girl for trail rides, speed events, and soaring over fences. She’s still green so we have much work, but her sound mind and willingness make her a great mount.

Favorite Color: Do you have to ask? It’s pink, duh.

Favorite Treat: Apples. No carrots and no peppermints for me.

Mid-morning nap
Ember’s mid-morning nap
Favorite Activity: RUNNING. I’ll go wherever but I’d rather run there.

Ember has a tendency to groan when she relieves herself. I’ll never forget the first time it happened during a lesson. I asked her to halt and instantly she arched her back and groaned. My trainer looked at me and busted out in laughter. We’d both heard a horse react that way but never from Ember and never so instantaneously. Ember still has to make a scene of relieving and still every time I have to at least crack a smile.

Does anyone else’s ponies groan while relieving themselves? What strange quirk does your pony have?




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