Hey y’all! I’m back! I’m recovered from a concussion of my own and I thought it would be a great topic to blog about. Concussions are a scary topic. First things first, always wear a helmet when riding. A properly fitted ASTM/SEI certified helmet with the chinstrap buckled! Helmets do you no good if they fall off 🙂

Concussion: A brain injury caused by a blow to the head or violent shaking of head and body


If you see a rider fall and hit their head, be of assistance and check to see if they are okay. Really make sure they’re okay! You must make a judgement. If they are throwing up and/or have a bad headache instantly, you should call 911 or tell someone else who may be able to help judge the situation.

First, ask the Maddocks Questions: 1. Where are we? 2. Is it before or after lunch? 3. What day of the week is it? 4. What is the name of the horse are you riding?

If they answer these questions with ease and accuracy, tell them five easy words and ask them to repeat them back. 5 easy words: saddle, bridle, boots, helmet, horse

Next, check for amnesia. If you can, ask about very recent events. See if they have any numbness or tingling limbs? Are they nauseas? Do they have a headache? If any of these are present, it is very likely they are concussed.

Tell them 5 words again: wraps, feed, girth, jumping, dressage. Ask them to repeat those backwards. (The words are just examples and by no means must you use those exact words) just showing the difficulty level. If they can do this too and have no symptoms, they are probably okay but they still should not continue riding and they should sit still for an hour to ensure they are alright. If they have extreme difficulty with any of that, they should be examined for a concussion. We riders are very stubborn, if someone hits their head, make sure they are okay. Don’t let them just get up and get right back to it.

Concussions are very serious, if they have any symptoms or signs of a concussion tell a trainer or call 911 immediately. I hope this post taught you something today! Again, always wear a helmet to help prevent concussions.




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