Gift Guide: Horse Edition

Sorry it’s been more than a week:-( I really couldn’t decide what I should post. But I found the perfect idea. Part of pampering your ponies is giving them a gift for Christmas. Think  your pony has WAAAY too much as it is and just want something small? Or do you know your pony wants something bigger and don’t know what? Here’s your help! Some of this I own, others I know my pony really wants so I thought I’d add them. It is my goal to post 3-4 gift guides leading up to Christmas. So, keep your eyes open!


At Dover Saddlery, in their closeouts, they have a few brushes/hoof picks that are under $7. They have a jelly scrubber curry for $1.99! That is a great price and you could buy multiple ones just to have. Equestria hoof picks are $3.99. Also not that bad!! They also have a couple Equestria brand flick brushes. The seven inch flick brush is 4.99! My favorite of the grooming would definitely be the jelly scrubber! Mines purple and sparkly.


If you need a spare fly sheet or a new one or a temporary one, Dover also has great choices for these as well. The Mio Fly Sheet is now a little under $60. I cannot say whether I like this sheet or not as I have a Smartpak brand fly sheet (which I love.) And, now that winter is just around the corner, Schneider’s Saddlery ( actually has some great deals if you’re looking for blankets. My all-time favorite turnout blanket is the StormShield V-Free. The V-Free fit is more for Arabians and Saddlebreds. It fits my saddlebred mare really well. I own the heavyweight and I wouldn’t have any other one. They are very durable and extremely warm.

Horse Toys/Treats

  • A likit. The Jolly Stall Snacks are much cheaper and just the same but the Likit name is more common. Be sure you get plenty of flavor refills.
  • Head over to Snaks Fifth Avenchew for all your Christmas cookies. They don’t disappoint, and have you seen some of the stuff they make?! Super adorable. Really.
  • Last but not least, my horses love their jolly ball. It’s a great boredom buster and it really makes them use their brains to play.

What are you getting your pony for Christmas this year? Have anything else you think your pony wants? Let me know!!




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