Me For Thanksgiving

Hey y’all! I hope your holiday was FANTASTIC. Let’s step into my past week. (Which has been busy, sorry for not posting!) All is well at the barn. I received a new SMARTPAK shipment which made me extremely happy. So of course I skipped my way to the barn boxes in tow. I put all the items away and walked to the water trough. As I reached for the hydrant’s handle, I felt a sharp tug at my back! I whipped around and saw my gelding there. Ears pinned and head raised. I’d noticed minor scrapes/bites on the other horses but I hadn’t been able to determine the culprit. Found him! So why was he biting? What was his problem?

First, a horse that bites isn’t necessarily a bad horse. Right-Brain horses bite in defense while Left-Brain horses bite to show dominance. To be able to begin to keep your pampered pony from biting, you need to know WHY he/she is biting. Realistically you’ll need to observe before you can nip this habit. Until you’ve got your ‘why,’ keep your distance from your pony when he is in a mood. Various trainers including Pat and Linda Parelli themselves have said when your horse bites, if possible, back them up until the look on their face changes. In my situation, my gelding was not wearing a halter nor a bridle so I couldn’t make him back up like I needed.

If you have a biter, take a good look and see what’s bothering him/her. Use lots of groundwork to teach that biting is not okay! Back them up with hustle until they soften and get their nerves settled or to prove that you are in fact the boss.

Do you have a biter? What tips do you have to kick biting? Comment below! Happy December first!!


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