Personality Post: Frankie’s Ballad

Frank's Flehmen Response
Frank’s Flehmen Response

Meet Frankie’s Ballad. “Frank” for short. He’s the old grump of the herd. Even though he isn’t the oldest, he sure acts like it! He doesn’t want to work, he’d prefer to spend his time eating. When he does work, he feels as if he HAS to be rewarded with treats and pets. If he isn’t rewarded, he will be as stubborn as a mule. *Left-Brain Introvert come to mind for anyone?* Frank is a 14 hh, sorrel and white tovero *yep, a rare tovero*  American Paint Horse gelding. He’s kind of adorable.

His favorite color(s): hunter green and royal blue.

Treat preference: doesn’t matter. If he can eat it, he will eat it. Wrapper and all.

Favorite activity: sitting in his stall and being lazy. Oh! All the while, he’s relieving himself in his water. Which is awesome for me if you were wondering.

For this personality post, I’m going to share with you one of Frank’s funniest moments and also the first time I had ever witnessed the Flehmen Response.

I had just gotten a new mare to the barn and I had to put Frank in the other field so my mare would have her own space to get used to. Frank decided that he needed to help his sense of smell. So he proceeded to the Flehmen Response to smell my mare. Frank happens to be the only one of my horses who uses the Flehmen Response anytime a new horse comes home. I was extremely concerned as it was the first time I had ever seen this action. I was quick to google the act and ended up learning something new. Have you had an experience like such? What funny things have your horses done? Comment and tell us!




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