They are driving me crazy! One of my mares AND one of my geldings both have scratches and it drives me crazy… Does it drive anyone else crazy?? My mares scratches are seasonal…. should’ve started preventative maintenance earlier (before now) and my gelding, well. Him I can’t tell if his are seasonal or not. This post is basically going to be centered around scratches y’all. If your horse gets scratches, I extend my condolences.

BUT! Never fear, of course my pampered pony doesn’t have to just tough scratches out! I’ve tried everything. Any remedy, any medicine, supplement, medicated shampoos I’ve just about used. Nothing worked. WHAT DO I DO? I can’t drag my pony to a show and 1.) expect her to compete *ouchy* 2.) Hope the judges don’t see the huge, gross scabs on her sock. I started to google at-home-remedies, ask other horse people, and I called the vet. When I searched google, I stumbled across a spray. I wanted to scroll on by. I’ve already tried sprays and shampoos those don’t work, I thought. But did I scroll? no. I clicked SmartPak’s link. Banixx came up. Never heard of it? I hadn’t either.  It looks like this:

I then pulled up reviews on this ‘Banixx’ What I read surprised me! So many people used it and loved it!! Veterinarians, trainers, just horse people in general. So I figured if so many people who treat horses often recommend this spray, why shouldn’t I at least try it? So I placed my order and hoped this product would work! After looking and treating with different things for so long. I also bought EquiFit Silver Cleanwash Max to use along with the Banixx. The Cleanwash is a medicated shampoo that is supposed to kill the fungus that basically makes up the scratches.

A few days later, here came UPS. As soon as I got the package, I drove to the barn. I love new packages, and I was also extremely anxious to see if this would finally be THE miracle worker. I first used the Cleanwash and scrubbed her leg clean. As clean as I could get it to be. Then I let the shampoo sit for about five minutes to let it’s potential power maximize. After completely rinsing the shampoo from her leg. I used a clean towel to dry her sock. If you have experience with scratches, you know just how important it is that the leg stays dry. If you do not have any experience with scratches, it is EXTREMELY important that the leg(s) stay dry! After letting her leg dry (the towel didn’t completely dry it, I fed grain while we waited) I sprayed the Banixx on her leg. Her leg was soaked in Banixx. Now, the bottle just says to spray it on once or twice a day without washing if you can avoid that. Washing the leg prior to using Banixx does not hurt anything as long as it is rinsed well and the leg is allowed to DRY. I also added to the method. After reading multiple reviews/articles, it seemed that the people who had the best and also quick results had some way of keeping the Banixx “on” the scratches. They wrapped legs, put medicine boots on, something to keep the Banixx present ALL day. I compiled most of the techniques into one.

Once the Banixx was sprayed on her leg, I also sprayed down some gauze pads. By “sprayed down” I mean they were quite literally dripping. I then wrapped these gauze pads gently around the affected spots. As if I was wrapping a polo wrap almost. Then I took vet wrap (super cute vet wrap might I add. It’s the green with black horse shoes style😍) and wrapped it around the gauze pads that were already wrapped on her leg. It doesn’t need to be tight at all, just enough tension to keep the soaked gauze pads on the wound. I used just your average first-aid waterproof tape to secure the end of the vet wrap down. That’s it. I turned my pony out and hoped for the best.

A day later I was back at the barn. I brought all of the horses in. *yay her wrap stayed on!* I put my pony who had the worst case of scratches in cross-ties. I bent down to remove the wrap from her leg. I was SCHOCKED! It already (YES! In just one day!) looked a hundred times better than it ever had after one day of treatment. Some of the scabs were actually falling off, some of them were oozing *ew* but that represents healing! I do not scrape/peel the scabs off, the Banixx softened them to where they fall off. I was so pleased with the results! I continued to use this shampoo/spray combination and now her scratches are almost completely healed. I am very pleased with the effectiveness of Banixx! If you are struggling to heal your pony’s scratches, I highly recommend using Banixx. Sorry y’all that this whole post covered scratches but hopefully it helps! If you know any other remedies or sprays/shampoos comment below and share!



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