Super Stretching

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world.”

Right? My mare has been barefoot for as long as I’ve had her. But she was just scheduled to be shod. I should be totally okay with that, right? It will lessen her chances of getting her hooves bruised AGAIN, but then there are NAILS going through her hooves. At least she can be barefoot all winter again!

Anyways guys, I found a new way you can pamper your pony!! Two ways in fact. One before you practice/lunge/hack and one after you’ve cooled your pony off! So first, you can actually improve your horses performance and make them feel much more loose if you stretch them. Then… after you’ve cooled out, there are things you can do to reduce any soreness there may be! All this stretching? Whaaaat? How? I know! But these very simple stretches really do work 😛

  1. Neck extensor stretch: You’ll need a treat for this one! I find carrots work well. The objective is to encourage your pony to stretch their poll, topline, and loin. Hold a carrot first at chest level, then at their knee, then all the way to the ground. It’s a win-win for both horse and human.
  2. Lateral Neck Flexor Stretch: Turns out treats are needed again. *I promise not all stretches require treats* Take the treat and hold it next to your horses belly, midway between the withers and the stifle but low enough for your horse to actually reach out. Repeat on both sides.
  3. Spinal Extensor Stretch: WARNING THIS DOES REQUIRE YOU TO STAND NEAR YOUR HORSE’S HIND QUARTERS!! If you have an unpredictable pony, stand to one side please. To begin, put your hands about four inches to both sides of the base of the tail and scratch. Your pony should arch/elevate his back. If he does not, apply more pressure. Repeat three times.
  4. Shoulder Flexor: Face your horse’s tail and lift one of his/her forelegs. Put both your hands under the knee to help support him/her. Place the cannon bone against your thigh and slowly pull the limb upward and forward. This stretch also is great for smoothing the skin out from under the girth.
  5. Hip Flexor Stretch: Facing your horse’s tail, lift your horse’s hind leg as if you were going to pick out their hoof. Place the hand closest to the horse’s body on their hock. Do this gently and do not put downward pressure on the hock. Bring your knee closest to the horse to be in contact with the front of the fetlock. Apply forward pressure with your knee to extend the leg out behind the horse.
  6. Hip Extensor: Again, lift your horses hind leg as if you were going to pick his hooves and face his tail. Hold the fetlock with your outside hand and grab the toe with your inside hand. Gently pull the leg forward toward the middle of the front legs. If your horse is having difficulty stretching this way, release the toe and hold the fetlock with both hands.

Now you’ve stretched and had a work out, or maybe you just stretched. Either way,  a great cool down is *if it is hot* spray your horse off with some water, then walking around for about 10 minutes to dry your horse and also relax their muscles. If it’s cold out, drape a cooler on your pony and set off on a quick walk. Liniment is a great way to soothe sore muscles and helps your horse relax. I like the Absorbine Botanicals Herbal Liniment Massage Foam. It’s a drip-free foam and it’s also aromatherapy 😍 Absorbine Botanicals also has a body rinse, I personally like the foam {It’s DRIP-FREE! Did I mention that?} Click the link below and check it out. It’s 25% off right now too! Check it out and comment what you think 🙂



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