The In-Gate!

“And they’re off!”

Welcome y’all. First post! Woo! After a long week, *am I the only one whose week dragged by?* including my favorite bridle breaking 😦 and many quizzes in almost all of my classes, I’m so excited that The Pampered Pony’s first post is ready!

Who else is BEYOND excited that fall is here? Fall show season is the best! Cooler weather, sweaters, new BOOTS! Speaking of boots, has anyone checked out Dublin’s Ria Boot? Click the link to see them! Suuuuper cute, right?! I love that they come in two different colors. I can’t wait to trade these rain boots in for those.

It’s also almost time to pull out those fleece coolers for after long, cold practices. My “Pampered Pony” {She’s a full-grown horse} needs a more professional cooler, but her pink ones are just so cute! 🙂 Is all of our stuff pink? Of course not, I have that ONE navy stable sheet! It’s a very good thing navy and hunter green look really great on chestnuts… What are your horse’s colors? I don’t think my mare would like it if we didn’t have fun colors in our collection, she’s very sassy for a horse. But is baby pink or electric blue her favorite? Will we ever know? Just like will we ever know if she prefers camo polo wraps versus tribal print. It would be just great if they could let us know, don’t you agree? Maybe not, she might not like any of what I pick out!

I pamper my pony with mostly useless, adorable things such as all different flavors of treats and grooming sprays. We have carrot treats, apple treats, oat treats, and we used to have peppermint, but my picky eater did NOT like peppermint. Then, it’s possible I own more grooming sprays than a tack shop or TSC! :-/ EQyss botanical sprays and ShowSheen are my personal faves. ShowSheen is great, is it not? 1. It smells GREAT 2. It basically rids the dusty look the ponies sometimes get after rolling around or doing what they do! What do you pamper your pony with?



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