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So! I'm finally catching up on life ;P and know more of what I would like to do and write and succeed. Guess what that is... WHATEVER I WANT! Yes! If I want to write about my horses today and my spa day tomorrow, then that's how I'll roll. If I type everyday for a... Continue Reading →


BCreek Dixie Acre

Hey everyone! Guess what! I was accepted into the AQHA Young Horse Development Program for 2019!!! I am so excited! I received my filly, BCreek Dixie Acre, from Bee Creek Quarter Horses last Saturday 11/3. She's about 12.1 hands as of right now. She's a beautiful dun, dorsal stripe and black points to complete it.... Continue Reading →

Carhartt Meets Every Winter Need

Bulky, canvas-like material? You probably think I'm joking. In fact, I'm not! I know!!! I've been in your shoes before! Carport seemed almost, unstylish. Fashion faux-pas. I'm here to tell you to think again. This year my boyfriend and I both have fallen in love with Carhartt products. I recently bought my boy this vest and... Continue Reading →

What’s Up

Golly. When was the last time I wrote? I couldn't tell ya! But recently, I have decided to take this blog in a different direction. In a more lifestyle direction. My boyfriend and I are wanting to make it more farm-y, more us. Rather than me always trying to talk about just horses. But trust... Continue Reading →

Mary & Martha

Hi everyone! Isn't it such a beautiful year so far? Well recently I started a NEW JOB! It is so so exciting! I've increased my income by about $500 a week and I love it! I own a business called Mary & Martha. I am currently looking for dedicated, Christian women who want in on... Continue Reading →

Local Saddle Club

In my hometown, we have a Saddle Club that hosts western shows about twice a month. I've never been to one, as Ember is my western horse and she has been serving as my Hunter up until I bought Ever. In two weeks, I plan to go to the second show of the season. I'm... Continue Reading →

How I Ride

Hi everyone! This post is really for you all to get to know my disciplines and a timeline of everything I've ridden through! First, I began riding SaddleSeat Equitation at a local stable. I loved Saddlebreds, and I loved that stable! But as I grew, and became more involved in horses, I wanted to explore... Continue Reading →


Georgia is a 3 y/o Goldendoodle. Let me tell y'all, this dog is SO STRANGE. Literally. Her favorite pastime includes getting sprayed by skunks. You know how most dogs get super sick and vomit after getting sprayed? Well not Georgia. She has been sprayed four times and I actually think she loves it. She always... Continue Reading →

Personality Post: Handsomely Ever After

As if this Florida-bred OTTB doesn't have enough posts about him on the internet! Meet Handsomely, a DARK bay thoroughbred, born in 2005. If you follow me on Instagram, you'd see that he acts like a 3 year old!!! He's super cute, and has a personality like I've never seen before. From his perspective: Favorite... Continue Reading →

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